Helping Provide Comfort and Warmth

Over 200,000 pairs of socks, underwear, T-Shirts, and pajamas have been delivered to people in need. That means 20,000 individuals - men, women, and children - received packages of neatly wrapped new undergarments and toiletries.

Socks’ n Undies Sunday collects and distributes undergarments and toiletries to men, women, and children that are in need and may also be experiencing homelessness. We partner with families, community groups, businesses, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and schools. Our simple program empowers community members to become Everyday Philanthropists.

Making a Difference

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Volunteer and Lead

Socks’ n Undies is supported 100% by volunteers. Our volunteers host donation drives, package, sort, and deliver carefully wrapped undergarments and toiletries to our nonprofit partners that provide services and support to those in need. 

You can make a difference in your community by giving just a few hours of your time to host a collection. Our simple model is perfect for coordinating a donation drive among your family, friends, parishioners, colleagues, or classmates. 

By using our program tools you can create awareness about the need for these critical personal care items, help build understanding and empathy among your supporters for those that may be vulnerable in your own community, and then take action to provide tangible support. 

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Donate Undergarments

Socks' n Undies Sunday receives donated socks, underwear, T-shirts, pajamas, and toiletries from individuals, families, businesses, and religious and community groups. 

We continue to improve our mission's impact and reach by leveraging our purchasing power by creating strategic partnerships with retailers and manufacturers.  Socks' n Undies has several generous in-kind donors like sock manufactures and dentists.

To learn about making a tax-deductible, in-kind donation of undergarments or toiletries to Everyday Philanthropy's Socks'n Undies Sunday program, please contact us. Socks’ n Undies Sunday tracks all donations and distributions and reports its progress to supporters regularly. 

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Host a Collection

Socks’ n Undies Sunday is a simple and powerful service-learning project for your family, community, school, or business. Host a collection today by using our simple program Start-Up Kit as your guide.

Make family shopping enjoyable and meaningful while teaching valuable lessons about people in our community that need our help by using our Shopping List.

Hosting a Collection at School?
Use our Classroom Guide to facilitate a spirited talk about SOCKS and the important role they play in our lives. Even the youngest child can understand personal comfort, warmth, and dignity from wearing clean underwear and dry socks.

Start-Up Kit
Donation drives for schools, churches, and community groups.
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We partner with families, community groups, businesses, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and schools.  Contact us to become a valued partner today. 

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