Helping Provide Comfort and Warmth Through 4 Simple Steps

Introduce the program to your supporters through email, social media post, or at a planned group meeting. Share the dates of the donation drive and what program or organization will receive generous donations. 1-2-week collections are often most successful.

2-3 school days before the donation drive begins, send an e-mail announcement to parents with Socks’n Undies Sunday’s Shopping List. Place a collection basket in the classroom. Introduce Socks’n Undies Sunday to the children by using the Socks’n Undies Sunday Classroom Guide for Parent Volunteers. This tool gently introduces the purpose of the program through showing the importance of clean, warm, and plentiful socks. Show the children the items that will be collected through using the Socks’n Undies Took Kit, which includes flashcards and coloring exercises. Each child can bring home a Shopping List to help their family collect donations. ​​​​​​​

Together families shop for socks and underwear using the Shopping List. This is a great time to talk about the purpose of collecting donations and how good it feels to help others. Drop your generous donations in the common donation basket at school. An upbeat e-mail reminder may be sent to parents 2-3 days before the donation drive ends.

On the last day of the drive, celebrate your success and generosity. Count all donated items as a group, and incorporate Socks’n Undies Sunday’s group activities as appropriate. This is the perfect time to talk about how your efforts will make a significant difference in the lives of others. Especially how new, clean socks will make someone comfortable, warm, and better prepared for school and work!

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Socks’n Undies Sunday collects and distributes undergarments and toiletries to men, women, and children who are homeless or in need by partnering with community members, non-profits, and faith-based organizations.

A classroom, group, and family-based project that helps to develop compassionate and active young people and provides families with tools and support to make a meaningful difference in their communities. Through participating in Socks’n Undies Sunday, young children learn the value of community service and are gently introduced to the concept of societal needs and social responsibility. And all while helping others! Hosting a Socks’n Undies Sunday donation drive at your school or community group is easy and fun. You simply need a collection basket and a commitment to helping others.

And to help ensure your donation drive is successful and fun for children, parents, and teachers, Socks’n Undies Sunday provides continuous support and assistance.

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